• Extreme Cyclist
    Extreme Cyclist Conquer the summits of the world with a properly fit bike.
  • Cycling Adventure
    Cycling Adventure Enjoy a day out on your bike with the whole family. Add a Quick Bike Fit session and ensure a comfortable ride for everyone!
  • Performance Cycling
    Performance Cycling For serious cyclists, Fit Kit offers performance fitting and cleat alignment.
  • Mountain Biking
    Mountain Biking Take a snapshot of the best day ever as you hit the hills and master the trails on bikes fit to your specific body measurements.
  • Sunrise Triathlete
    Sunrise Triathlete Hours of training and beautiful sunrises! But to win a fast-paced triathlon may mean including a Performance Bike Fit session with a Performance R.A.D adjustment.

Bike Sizing and Fitting

 Tools and Training

for bicycle retailers, bike fitters, bike rental fleet operators, and bike tour and travel operators

Back to School!

New Dates, New Locations.  Click here for the schedule

Updated workshops on:

  • Sizing to Sell  (1 day)  $395.
  • Fitting Fundamentals (2 days)  $880.
  • Fitting Diagnostics (2 days) $990.

 Click here for workshop details

Bike Sizing & Fitting Tutorial by Chris

Bike Sizing and Fitting tutorial by Chris Nurre

Click to Watch Tutorial Now!
Learn how easy it is to fit and size a bike for your customers. Refresh your fitting skills and techniques. Use to train employees on how to use the Fit Kit Systems tools. Free and downloadable!

“It Just Works!”

It Just Works

Interactive Bike Fitting Software

The Fit Kit Pro™, software is currently unavailable and unsupported, due to conflcts with newer operating systems.

A new web-based version is being planned for release in 2016.  This will offer all the features and more of the Fit Kit Pro software, but will be completely redesigned.

Quick Sizing Mobile App

Try our new mobile app for for quick sizing and bike fits. This is an app version of the Fit Calculator Slide Chart for use with Fit Kit System tools.  Works with Android and Apple. Visit your favorite app store to purchase and download.

Version 2.2 now released for Android

Version 2.2 for Apple pending review.  Expected release first week of October 2015

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The Perfect Ride


Measurethe cyclist accurately and consistently with precise tools.


Sizethe bike frame to each cyclist's unique measurements.


Fitmeans fine tuning a professional bike-to-body fit.

To Reduce Knee Stress...

Get RADical!

When cleats are not adjusted or aligned correctly a rider can experience severe knee pain.

To eliminate the pain, Fit Kit Systems designed the RAD (Rotational Adjustment Device) to align clipless pedals. Check out the RAD KIT available on our store for your Fitting Studio, and bicycle cleat alignment needs.

What Is a RAD & Why Use One?

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