• Extreme Cyclist
    Extreme Cyclist Conquer the summits of the world with a properly fit bike.
  • Cycling Adventure
    Cycling Adventure Enjoy a day out on your bike with the whole family. Add a Quick Bike Fit session and ensure a comfortable ride for everyone!
  • Performance Cycling
    Performance Cycling For serious cyclists, Fit Kit offers performance fitting and cleat alignment.
  • Mountain Biking
    Mountain Biking Take a snapshot of the best day ever as you hit the hills and master the trails on bikes fit to your specific body measurements.
  • Sunrise Triathlete
    Sunrise Triathlete Hours of training and beautiful sunrises! But to win a fast-paced triathlon may mean including a Performance Bike Fit session with a Performance R.A.D adjustment.

Train your staff with this Free Mini Clinic



"Spring Is Just Around The Corner"
As many of us are just coming out of a long cold snowy winter, we turn our thoughts and businesses towards Spring and warmer days. Preparation for the busy bike season ahead has included preparing our staff and shops to be ready for the selling season to come. 
Part of this preparation should be considering how we can include "bike fitting" into our package of services that we offer and making it profitable. In an effort to help you accomplish this we are offering FREE materials for an "in store mini clinic" titled: "Making Bicycle Fitting Work for You". If you like what you see and would like a Free "mini clinic" package, to help train your staff, simply download it by clicking on the following link: In Store Mini Clinic
Part 1 
Fitting Begins With Sizing
and Starts When the Bike is Sold.
Part 2
A Systematic Approach to Incorporate the
 Bike Sale and the Fit


Part 3
You Can do This!
Practical Steps  to Get This Done
We look forward to providing this FREE material to you and would love to have your feedback on how you liked it and if you would like more programs like this.  
Have a Great Spring!

"The Bike Fit Certification has definitely benefited my business"

“Whatever Fitting System you have, every Bicycle Fit Session needs to begin with the Fit Kit System method"

"Though I have continued to grow and mature as a professional fitter over the years, the Fit Kit methodology and tools have always been at the core of my fit protocol.  The tools are exceptional quality and build to last, and the education I received formed the backbone of a profitable fitting service.  Fitters and riders alike know the Fit Kit name, and understand its the highest mark of quality and knowledge to achieve proper bike fit.
Todd Reynolds

We consider the FitKit system the foundation of our fitting philosophy. We have used your methodology since 1995 and find it is effective across all disciplines of cycling. Receiving all of your FitKit certification levels gave me the knowledge and skills to learn other fitting systems and discipline-specific fitting programs. I would not have been able to advance my fitting knowledge without the FitKit core knowledge base.

— Chris Richardson, Owner of Bike Doctor Waldorf

Bike Sizing & Fitting Tutorial by Chris

Bike Sizing and Fitting tutorial by Chris Nurre

Click to Watch Tutorial Now!
Learn how easy it is to fit and size a bike for your customers. Refresh your fitting skills and techniques. Use to train employees on how to use the Fit Kit Systems tools. Free and downloadable!

“It Just Works!”

It Just Works

Our Quick Fit Kit™ is a non-diagnostic fitting system that provides a basic set up for the starting point of a bike fit. An excellent beginning to ensure a happy, comfortable ride.

The Performance Fit Kit™ is an advanced bike fitting system that provides consistent reliable diagnostic results. We know because of the data collected from literally 1,000's of fitting sessions! This system is successful with all bikes, all riders, all ages, from weeked riders, to triathletes and extreme cyclists.

The Quick RAD Kit is a non-diagnostic cleat alignment system that determines the rotational adjustment needed to match each individual's pedal cycling motion with his or her cleat.

The Performance RAD Kit provides 3 main diagnostic functions:

  1. The rotational adjustment of cleats.
  2. Medial/lateral positioning.
  3. Cant of the rider's bike shoe.
  • Quick Fit Kit™
  • Quick RAD Kit
  • Performance Fit Kit™
  • Performance RAD Kit

Interactive Bike Fitting Software

Using Fit Kit Pro™, bike technicians can quickly enter the cyclist's measurements and determine a proper bike frame. Finetuning the fit can be done interactively on screen before touching the bike with a wrench.

For Windows   For Mac

Quick Sizing Mobile App

Try our new mobile app for for quick sizing and bike fits. Works with Android smart devices and Apple iPads, iPods and iPhones. Visit your favorite app store to purchase and download. Only $19.99!

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Fit Kit Clips

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The Perfect Ride


Measurethe cyclist accurately and consistently with precise tools.


Sizethe bike frame to each cyclist's unique measurements.


Fitmeans fine tuning a professional bike-to-body fit.

To Reduce Knee Stress...

Get RADical!

When cleats are not adjusted or aligned correctly a rider can experience severe knee pain.

To eliminate the pain, Fit Kit Systems designed the RAD (Rotational Adjustment Device) to align clipless pedals. Check out the RAD KIT available on our store for your Fitting Studio, and bicycle cleat alignment needs.

What Is a RAD & Why Use One?
This RAD Kit Is Right For You.

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